Sunday, October 3, 2010


Willow by Carolyn Brown A-

"Willow Gail Dulan didn't like Rafe Pierce when he read her father's will. She sure didn't like him when he tried to talk Hank Gibson out of letting her and her four newly-found sisters travel to California with the wagon train of mail-order brides.

Rafe was totally against the idea of Jake Dulan's daughters going with the train. He would like nothing better than to leave Willow for the rattlesnakes and Indians. The feeling is mutual.

They lock horns and refuse to budge. Both have a scarred heart from previous experiences, and a temper, so the fireworks explode every time they're in each other's presence, which is often since Rafe drew the short straw and has to bring up the rear of the train...right where the Dulan girls' wagon is located.

Willow and Rafe both realize that out there, beyond the sunsets they both love, lies the Promised Land. It's not a place or destination, but a spirit and a journey which draws them into the peace of its bosom to rock away the cares of life. But will they ever admit they need each other to reach that Promised Land?"

-Back of the book.

I read the forth book in the series first because I didn't know there were others. Luckily it didn't give anything away about the other four books. This is the first in The Promised Land series by Carolyn Brow. What I love most about these books are the five sisters the books point of views are in. There all super spunky, don't care at all of what people think, independent, and all unique in there own ways. No, i lied, the best part about this book is after reading it, all you want to do is speak in a western accent all day. I love it! I think I found a series that reach my top ten, though I have had one heck of a time finding her books. Each book is around 100-250 pages long, so there quick reads. I can't wait to get my hands on the other three books, I well keep posting them as I go along.

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