Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where the Heart Leads

Where the Heart Leads by Anita Stansfield A-

"With the loss of his mother, the final threads that bind Jonathon Brandt to home are gone forever, and he leaves Boston, hoping to never return. The year is 1894, and Jonathon is eager to head west to California to find a new life, a new profession, and an escape from the disastrous relationship with his father.

Jonathon's journey westward allows him the opportunity to stop and visit his beloved Aunt Ellie, who lives in a small, Central Utah town. He falls in love with the scenery the same day he falls in love with Maddie Jo Hansen, and suddenly California loses its appeal. Even though Maddie is a Mormon, Jonathon quickly realizes that he likes everything about this place and the people-except for Glen Hansen, Maddie's father, who is determined that no man, especially Jonathon, is going to take his daughter away from him.

Anita Stansfield, the #1 best-selling LDS romance author, delivers one of her finest novels to date. Filled with intrigue and romance, Where the Heart Leads is a compelling story of heartbreaking loss, inspiring discovery, and a love that overcomes all obstacles.
-Back of the book

Sorry that the pitcher on this post is pretty blurry but I couldn't find a better one on the Internet. Any way I enjoyed this book. A very fun LDS novel by a very cleaver author. It's a very quick and easy read and perfect for ages 13+ There isn't much to say about this book except that it's a book about love of family and over coming challenges. You can by this book really cheap at Seagull Book or check it out at a local library.

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