Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fairy Thorn

The Fairy Thorn by Dorothy Keddington A+

"Small town librarian Lucy Norris longs for romance and adventure, yet her life is a "calendar of sameness"--until the morning she spies a tall ship sailing through Deception Pass. The sighting becomes a catalyst for change and Lucy soon finds herself a key player in a dangerous masquerade and the quest for a legendary lost painting."
-Back of the book

I was super excited to read this book because Dorothy Keddington is totally one of my favorite authors! Her books never get old no matter how many times I read them and each one has a totally different and unique adventure!
But this book was extremely expecting and trilling! The cover it's self is scary and mysterious! And it turns out I know nothing and should do my research because I had no idea Dorothy Keddington was still writing! I read the About the Author section in the back of this book that was published last year, and read that she is in progress of writing another book called Hearth Fire!

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