Sunday, August 22, 2010

Desire of our Hearts

Desire of our Hearts by Sariah S. Wilson. B+

"It is a time of pleasure and luxury — if you belong to the inner circle of King Noah. It is a time of servitude and deprivation if you don't. And if you dare to believe the words of Abinadi, it is a time to fear for your very life."
-Back of the book

A fictional story of Alma (a high priest of king Noah) and the prophet Abinadi. This author adds fictional characters to a real Book of Mormon story. In this story she adds Sam, a lovely young women with a spunky attitude and and a short temper.
A fun read with heat tugging characters and dramatic events. Very adventures.
I give it a B+ because even though it is a good book, it's not my favorite from this author. My over all favorite is Secrets in Zarahemla, then Servant to a King, this one is a least favorite. But still a great book.

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