Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Garnet by Carolyn Brown A+

"Garnet Diana Dulan swung open the doors of the Silver Dollar Saloon, sucked up a lunch full of cigar smoke, and listened intently to the sounds of men playing poker and the scrape of boots across the wooden floor; she felt right at home. After just minutes inside the doors of the saloon she knew she'd made the right decision to leave her sisters and the wagon train of brides heading to California.

Quickly she negotiates a job with the owner to play piano in the bar for room and board. Garnet is happy with her new arrangement and starts to settle into her new routine, that is until she runs into Sheriff Gabe Walker.

Sheriff Walker is convinced that this unusual, blue-eyed beauty is not the kind of woman he needs taking up residence in his clean town, and he won't rest until he runs her back to where she came from. But Garnet is a sassy Southern woman who speaks her mind and won't listen to a word he says. In fact, Gabe is certain that he can see lightening streak across her blue eyes in brilliant, jagged lines when she's angry.

The two lock horns on more than one occasion, but when her life is threatened and she is wrongfully accused of murder and robbery, it is Gabe who saves her from lynching. Considering all the damage already between them, it will take a miracle for either of these two to put aside their stubbornness and admit their love."

-Back of the book.

I really loved this book! It was just one of those random books I found at the library and decided to read, I had no background on it. These are series of books all about all five sisters. Willow, Velvet, Gypsy, Gussie, and of course Garnet. There is a book for each sister! It's totally fun and takes place in the good old western times. I totally have to pick up the other books! If there as good as this one was then I'm sold! The best part of this book is that it's so unexpected! I mean there were somethings that are really predictable but others were...wow! I won't say any more about the surprises. I also really liked it because it's not a real famous book so i can recommend it to my other book worm friends :) It's not that old of a book and I liked how the author wrote it. It's so intense the the characters are down right hilarious!

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Suey said...

I love surprise books like this. Sometimes they are the best ones!