Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flower of the Winds

Flower of the Winds by Dorothy Keddington A+

"Cassandra Graves returns to Winwood Cottage....a place of childhood haunts and memories... hoping to find a few weeks of solace in her painting and the sea. Instead, and impulsive walk on a misty Oregon beach results in the discovery of two Russians scientists on the run. From the moment she meets Nikolai and dark-eyed Seriozha, Cassandra's safe, secure existence is challenged and changed, along with her perception of what love should be."
-Back of the book.

I SO admire this author, epically her writing skills! In this book two of the main characters are Russian, so they have accents and there are even some Russian words in the story. She makes it sound so convincing! In some books the say once or twice at the character has a accent but other then that the writing is the same like there talking like every other character. But in this one the Russian characters talk so different from the others that it's extremely believable. I even learned a few Russian words! I love this book SO much! it's a totally different story from everything other story and I love the twist and turns the story goes through. Again this is another one of her books that arn't in print. But if you can get a copy then you HAVE to read it!!


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